November 22nd, 2016

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Now, we’re HIS problem.

Using this spreadsheet:

1. All election cycle, Donald Trump has been our problem. Now, we’re HIS PROBLEM, and since Congress serves us, SO ARE THEY. Let’s use the best tool at our disposal (our elected representation) to show Donald once and for all that, in our America, LOVE TRUMPS HATE.

2. Begin with the WEEKLY-CALL-TO ACTION. This is the #1 priority for calls.

3. Toward the end of the week, when you have made and followed up on the WEEKLY-CALL-TO-ACTION, make calls re: specific progressive issues that are important to you. Call about even-numbered issues on Thursdays and odd-numbered issues on Fridays. Try to avoid calling about an issue that is directly-related to the WEEKLY-CALL-TO-ACTION, since officials will likely receive lots of calls about this particular topic. If that issue is super important to you, just make extra follow-up calls using the WEEKLY-CALL-TO-ACTION script.

Do you care about: 

  • Trump’s problematic, racist or otherwise inexperienced appointments?
  • Health care?
  • Immigration? 
  • Reproductive rights?
  • Civil liberties/First Amendment issues?
  • Marriage equality?
  • Police brutality/criminal justice?
  • Refugees?
  • Gun violence protection? 
  • Climate change?

Then you need to open this Google doc nowand read for tips, scripts and specific guidelines on how to make your voice heard to your reps and block Donald Trump’s harmful agenda. It will offer a weekly call-to-action, in addition to guidelines for specific issues you might care about that you can raise regularly.  

It can be difficult or anxiety-inducing to know what to do or even what to say when you’re taking action. This guide helps you with all those barriers. It has scripts on what to say whether your rep is a Democrat or Republican, how to tailor your message for specific issues, and even what days to call. 

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