December 18th, 2016

scotto monkeypulse

let’s see here. 17 years of dec 18

slow day today, Allison is making chex mix and I’m doing laundry.  Skipped Tuba Christmas today… we needed time to just rest. watched a little tv, (american bake off and last nights SNL), listened to a lot of holiday music.

just for giggles – lets rewind across my public journal entries.

1 year ago – just got the tree up, watched hogfather and love actually.
2 years ago – ColdFusion reference
3 years ago – day after concussion ct scan, Tannenbaum vs a christmas carol
4 years ago many tweets. goats, pickle nightmare man
5 years ago – no entries. 🙁
6 years ago tiny snowman, house lights
7 years ago – more pix than words. glad lost is fading out, twilight blade, polar bear plunge, Xmas treats
8 years ago – Dexter season 1, gifts from Kev, and the folks in Florida, tired but getting better,
9 years ago – started my minicity – , icy footing, f’ing programming, tell me meme, my snazzy new custom sneakers
10 years ago – Dinner with C&D, Big Brain, Xmas card, silly holiday lj toys
11 years ago – Xmas card, condo Xmas party, calm a llama down
12 years ago – salty seas, Christmas toy, year in review, Celebrex, anime fans, con folk
13 years ago – trade invites for play $$, dreams
14 years ago – How to attain old age, got my epidural
15 years ago – Crime & Punishment, heterodox, evil news, HP question, pooter poop, bagpipe, egoboo, giant bee
16 years ago – met Tarpo (I still have the holiday mix cd) and Isis, LJ sea Chantey, AOK-ing, Christmas Blues
17 years ago – heat miser / snow miser song.

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