November 10th, 2017

scotto monkeypulse

Nicknames for the lads

Newton – Newtiebear, Noodles, noodles romanov, little bastard, little orange menace, bag o bones, turkey butt, triangle butt, snuggle buddy, mamma’s boy, old man, squinkles, grumpus, headbutt-head, purr monster, trillybeast, baby bear, Newton Jellybean Jalapeño von Berg, the boss, bed cat, pillow boy

Pyewacket – pyepye, pizza pye, stink butt, Woolly bear, oatmeal, lazy poop, mush, flurf beast, little prince, Mr handsome, newt-stalker, Mr drooly, little piggy, the pillow , couch boy, panther

More may come up as I realise what we forgot.

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