August 3rd, 2021

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Walkies 3 Aug 2021

Social isolation day 508.

#swampwalk with @maximillian_deersteak was difficult for me today. Back was tricking up and body just did not want to do the thing. It did the thing anyway, at least for a quick loop. Thankfully, it was overcast so heat and humidity didn’t add to the struggle. Always lovely to go walking with Max, they took the shots of the little mushroom and red leaf.

#bogsafari report had very little visual to report. Every other human-type (maybe 8) out walking on the road was maskless. Did see a cute flurfy black / white splotched mop dog, and a black labrador puppy that were both adorable. Two kids did some seriously heavy-footed running. It seemed like the were using the whole bottom of the sneaker to hit the ground at once. There were fresh fewments of a large dog added to the side of the road at one point, and that scenet mixed with a sweeter plant to make an odd atmospheric blend before we hit the woods proper.

In the wooded area, there was the sound of one frog, a number of birds and seemingly no insects or spiders. Probably too cool for the lizards and turtles to make an appearance.  No cats, groundhogs,  possum or such to be seen. I did spot a used box of smoke bombs that we didn’t see yesterday.

Got home and stretched, and had a shower,  so hopefully the old back will feel better soon.

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Fave artists for specific heroes, off the top of my head.

Jack Kirby – Captain America, Machine Man, Fantastic Four

Marie and John Severin – Hulk

Walt Simonson – Thor

Richard Case – Doom Patrol

Art Adams – anything with a Skrull, Gumby

Wally Wood – Daredevil

Steve Ditko – Dr. Strange

John Romita, Sr. – Spider-man

Kurt Swan – Superman

Keith Giffen – Ambush Bug, Dr. Fate, Legion of Superman

Originally published at The Scotto Grotto (org). You can comment here or there.