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Sunburn much more manageable today.

Hav pointed out that the Miami International Film Festival is going on right now. I'm going to swing the FLIFF next weekend myself, I think. I want to check out Manderlay.

Cool word of the day-

"Ubuntu" is an ancient African word, meaning "humanity to others". Ubuntu also means "I am what I am because of who we all are".

(it's also an open source linux flavor, but that's neither here nor there.)

Made plans to go to Uber's pal Wendy's place next week with a few of her pals for a little dinner party... stuffed shells! I wonder what I should bring? Bottle of wine? I should probably ask when the time gets closer.

Moment of Lyric (Mp3)

A nice heart and a white suit and a baby blue sedan
And I am doing the best that I can
All the eunuchs, they were standing in rows
singing, "Please stud us out just as fast as you possibly can."
Sad song, last dance and no one knows who the band was
And Henry, you danced like a wooden Indian
Except this one mattered and I felt it had a spirit
And I shot the story because I didn't hear it that way
And it's hard to be a human being
And it's harder as anything else
And I'm lonesome when you're around
And I'm never lonesome when I'm by myself
And I miss you when you're around

Top 10 accidental discoveries

The short list: Viagra, LSD, X-Rays, Penicillin, Artificial sweeteners, Microwave ovens, Brandy, Vulcanized rubber, Silly Putty, Potato chips

nabbed from squarerootofpi and eryx_uk

Your senior year in High School is supposed to be "the best year of your life."

Let's see how much you remember: (Getting close to 20 years back! 1987)

Who was your best friend? I floated between four groups of friends. Kev / Brent-Steve-KevinC / Pam / James-Mark : all were fun folk to hang with. I'd say my best friend of the lot was Kev, and I still hang with him from time to time.

Who did you have a crush on? Man, I was mushy about a bunch of girls my senior year. PamM, PamP, Charlotte, Jane, and Elizabeth all leap to mind immediately, and I'm sure I could extract more with even an iota of effort.

What sports did you play? None my senior year

What kind of car did you drive? Powder Blue Gran Torino, and later, a white grand le mans

It's Friday night, where were you at? Variable. see compartmented friends above. Best bet was probably Kev, I think.

Were you in the "In Crowd"? Nope, though people liked me.

Ever skip school? my senior year, I skipped an average of one day every two weeks.

Ever smoke? Nah, I tried cigs early on, and didn't like 'em. I didn't even like to smoke weed.

Were you a nerd? I had the benefit of looking like a bit of a brute, so folks didn't really call me a nerd.

Did you get suspended/expelled? I was suspended once for fighting. It was self defense, but policy is to screw everyone involved.

Can you sing the Alma Mater? the first chorus, yes. the whole thing, no

Who was your favorite teacher? Tough.. my senior year was fun. Mr. Berry, Electronics / Mr. Meyhew, Programming (C & Pascal) / Mr. Miezinski , Drafting / Mr. Eck - Marine Biology

Favorite class? Marine Biology - probably the most interesting and educational class I had my whole high school career. Excellent teacher and content.

Beaucoupkev makes an superb point about Luthor's origins as a Super-enemy. It's not about being bald.

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