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8822 - recap, to be re detailed later.

The concert last night was excellent – set design and lighting was pretty dang sharp, too. Apparently, this is her first new stuff in a bout a decade. Unlike SNZ, she still seemed on top of her game, and her vocals were quite strong. The only rough patch was that it was fairly tight seating for my gargantuan form; fortunately, there was ample space in the side area where we slid over. Interesting elements in her program – debunking an unauthorized biography and showing a little history of people’s right to privacy vs. celebrity. We got out at just a hair before 11pm – DC really is a “commuter city” – It becomes a bit of a ghost town after business hours are up. There aren’t any apartments or anything in the region…, just businesses, maybe a pub or two, and a broad collection of homeless resting on steam grates hither and yon. The homeless in DC are different than downtown Broward – no begging or direct approach. I’m really thankful for the gps in the cell phone for navigating downtown (and BHK for doing the driving… it’s not as bad as downtown Miami , but it’s close.)

Wide Variety of apparel at the concert last night – from dudes in kilts to gypsy girls, to yuppie-types in suit and tie to casual looks.

Saw a car with a DC plate – “TAINT” which made me giggle.

We didn’t eat all night, so at about 11:30, we did a baked potato and frosty side-run on the route home.

New help desk person starts on 5/21 – There’ll still be a slot open, but I figure RD will take up the slack in that department. That tells me that I must really renew my efforts for continued employment both here and/or elsewhere.

Sleepy today – post concert wasn’t that late, but I think we tucked in right at about 12:30. Good solid night’s sleep, tapped snooze three times, despite waking up about 15 seconds before the first alarm hit.

re: Bigger onslaught of oddball text messages and spam comments in the journal.

One of the non-spam entries on a message years ago -

Hey hows it going in there , dont worry apple jacks stil suk, lisa

and rec'd via text - (f:)what's the worst your lover can betray you? does it matter?

piccies taken back porch trees and highland fest promo

DSCN4765DSCN4764sqirrel - porch viewmoontrees

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