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9027 - mon

First and foremost - a quick random pic of newton for his fans.

I imagine pye was along shortly after to play.


Bhk and I had a yummy supper of tomato soup and pizza-bagels. Just right for a cool night of watching more psych and installing our water cooler.

Not much to say today - have an assorted news links edition, dear journal.

The AP has a story on Netflix's move to head off expected competition from Apple: the company will lift limits on streaming its movies for most subscribers. The story reports on rumors of an Apple movie-download service that may be announced by Steve Jobs on Tuesday. In the past Netflix has imposed limits on how long its subscribers could watch streamed movies; for example, those who paid $16.99/mo. could stream up to 17 hours per month. The limits will end on Monday for most subscribers (except for those paying $4.99 for two DVD rentals a month, said to be a small minority). The company has 6,000 movies available for streaming, compared to 90,000 that you can get delivered in the mail.

via consumerist -

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wants to give you 100 gallons of free heating oil to help survive the cold cruel capitalist winter. The hogshead of liquid warmth is available to anyone enduring a financial hardship who fills out a handy online form.

Eligibility is determined with two questions: First, do you live in one of these 16 states?

Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, Alaska, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana.
Second, do you need the oil? Need is relative, but if you have a family and make less than $40,000, you probably qualify. Citizens Energy, which administers the program, evaluates each application on a case-by-case basis and issues eligible applicants a voucher redeemable for 100 gallons of CITGO heating oil.

It's almost sweet of our communist friends to shove the inequalities and harsh realities of capitalism in our faces with a program that actually helps people pay for an increasingly unwieldy cost of living expense.

For more information, call Citizens Energy at: (877) 563-4645, or fill out their online application.

Individual Households [Citizens Energy]

Call for Guantanamo to be closed I wonder how that'll hit Kev and Paul?
The chief of the US military has said the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison camp should be closed as soon as possible because negative publicity about the treatment of terror suspects has been "pretty damaging" to America's image.

"I'd like to see it shut down," Admiral Mike Mullen said in an interview with three reporters who toured the Cuba detention centre with him on his first visit since becoming chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff in October.

Friday marked the sixth anniversary of the prison's opening in January 2002.

Admiral Mullen stressed that a closure decision was not his to make and that he understood there were numerous complex legal questions the administration believed would have to be settled first, such as where to move the prisoners.

The admiral also noted that some of Guantanamo Bay's prisoners were deemed high security threats.

During a tour of Camp Six, a high-security facility holding about 100 prisoners, Admiral Mullen got a first-hand look at some of the cells, with one prisoner glaring at him through his narrow window as US officers explained how they maintained almost constant watch over each prisoner.

Admiral Mullen, whose previous visit was in December 2005 as head of the US Navy, noted that president George Bush and defence secretary Robert Gates have also spoken publicly in favour of closing the prison. But he said he was unaware of any active discussion in the administration about how to do it.

Asked why he thought Guantanamo Bay, commonly dubbed Gitmo, should be closed, and the prisoners perhaps moved to US soil, Admiral Mullen said: "More than anything else it has been the image -- how Gitmo has become around the world, in terms of representing the US."

Critics have claimed that detainees have been mistreated in some cases and that the legal conditions of their detentions are not consistent with the rule of law.

He said he was encouraged to hear that the Guantanamo population had shrunk to 277 - at one time it exceeded 600.

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