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9032 - sat

More nutshelling.

Slept in a bit - 8:30ish

Had a blueberry bagel, chewed on left side.

Played a little rayman and more Mario Galaxy with Bugah

Went to get allergy shots - started reading Making Money

Bugah did his reading - Tales of a 4th grade nothing / superfudge.

Headed up to Annapolis with BHK and Bug for movies

Bought Bug's present - Lego Star Wars Saga, vans from Larry & Chris

Picked up Marvel Ultimate Alliance for m'self  - $18 used!

Went to see National Treasure 2 again... bugah and bhk dug it, I thought it was ok, but not fantastic. I thought it was ok, but it really didn't hold together very well... the end was loose and free to say the least. It was a fun ride, and I didn't fall asleep like I dad last time.

Dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger - Bug ate the 1/2 lb'r and is on the wall now.

Came home and played some family fluxx and then surprise hit polarity. (We may have to get it for him next present-time - we got him family fluxx as part of his stocking this year) Reminds me that I'm woefully behind on sending Eryx his goodies.

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