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9190 - monday

Forgot to note the Transformer we saw at Mexico last night-


Full size shows the Autobot logo, and stenciled "interceptor"

Somebody remind me to take the camera proper when I go out!

BHK made some awesome veggie pocket-pies and a sort of paella with rice, veg broth, broccoli, green pepper, peas and a smidge of garlic and onion powder... brand new, and tasted great!

50 things I've done (or, the meme that would not die... ) meme continues with item 30. I...

30.' had surgery for my back a couple of times now - the first was over a decade ago when I was working for the library - the next was in October 2003 to deal with scar tissue built up from the first, and deal with other issues. Depending on what happens on wednesday, I may be getting another operation.... I'd like to hope that a simple shot of muscle relaxer will do, but I'm feeling that this is a serious issue, unfortunately.

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