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9236 - Saturday

After work yesterday, we intended to visit to Larry's School and watch The Scarlet Pimpernel. No such luck- timing was against us, so we just grabbed some Mama Lucia's pasta, and went home.

I've had very restless sleep lately, maybe getting only 2 or 3 good hours in a night. I'm hoping to play a little catch-up this weekend, and get my body back into a reasonable schedule.

Hard to say for sure, because it is dang nice outside lately.

BHK trotted out Hacienda today, and we played the analog (rather than online ) version.. she beat me soundly (by >40 points!), but now I have a better grip on the rules. She'll continue to beat me, no doubt, but it'll be more of a challenge for her.

Still waiting to spring Wishes Were Fishes... maybe tomorrow!

So... what ever happened to the Doom Patrol Movie, anyway? The TBA was set for 2008 . Hm. Says 2009 here. (They bought the rights in 2006.)

Ah Well, it'd be hard for me to see Cliff Steele and Negative Man (plus whatever other combo they dream up) in a live-action setting. Too surreal, maybe.

I'm still all for it, in almost any permutation, as long as it has Robotman, and Monsieur Mallah & The Brain. (Of course, I'd prefer Grant Morrison's Team of Crazy Jane, Rebis, Robotman, The Chief (Not the Head) and with backup of Dorothy Spinner, Joshua Clay and Danny the Street, if possible.) Please leave all of the Rachel Pollack aping of Morrison's run out, especially how she snuffed out Cliff and Jane's relationship.

Sure, while I'm at it, hire me as an extra for a million dollars a day, plus craft service.

Side Note - it was rather neat to see a Larry Trainor cameo in Justice League: New Frontier.

Doom Patrol and GP's more oddball games were some of my favorites - Z-squad, FOCUS and the like (Even HHH, for its brief existence) added a touch of the sinister and surreal to otherwise fairly boring fare. Funny how back in the day I'd have enjoyed identifying with Cliff or Josh, or even RPing an analogue - Rebis would be something too alien or powerful to be anything but a GM device, I think.. unless you were playing a very low powered one, and just let the ref take control every here and again. (Of which I'm also not too partial - I prefer to play my own characters.)
Best times were with miniMAX, but Zero, Run-around Sue and Le Grenouille were not too bad for a one or "two shot" quickie. I hear that they're doing a Brave & the Bold cartoon - teaming Batman up with an assortment of "Hero of the week" types - Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Aquaman, and whoever else they can toss in there. Funny about no mention of Superman. I really like the look of the art - silver-agey - kid friendly but still cool. Maybe they'll work in elongated man or the Martian Manhunter, for a nice light hearted but solid detective episode. Looks like Batman will be in every episode, so it's unlikely I'll ge t acool Hawkman / Atom story, but who knows where it'll go if successful? I really dug the Justice League and the transition it took to JLU - maybe lightning can strike twice.

Those were some of my most enjoyable games, GP running while Kat and I played - solid "Buddy Movie" dynamic, with plenty of time to get characterization and limelight in for everyone, every episode. Green Lantern & Dr. Mid-nite (I always wanted to see her Doc Mid-nite get together with Robin - perfect wholesome super-couple, miniMAX & Ghost, Trism & Kyoko (with sidekicks). I miss those games, sometimes - it was good, clean fun - you didn't have to beat something up every session, and it wasn't a bunch of fan wank, either.

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