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9271 - Wednesday

Forgot to mention that I got a little TF2 in last night (about 45 min), while BHK checked her mail... My stats are still terrible, but I had a good time. I thought I'd gotten some achievements, but I'm not seeing 'em here... probably too few folks on the server for it to count.

My fave Classes are still the Engineer and the Scout, with medic going further back since folks are busy using him for all the unlockable stuff. Gold Rush is a great addition, too.

A new Portal map pack was just released from We Create Stuff. This map pack are actual Portal maps based off of the flash version of Portal, a 2D title that features 40 levels.

The pack places you in the role of a new test subject before the events of Portal. You can download the pack directly from this link, or visit the map pack page for a list of mirrors.

Substitute teacher does stage magic trick for middle school class, is fired for "practicing witchcraft"

Florida? Not Tennessee or Arkansas?

Hey!! Reboot is coming back? Possibly more info here, but who knows the rumor level.

The recipe - Steamed catfish in Banana Leaves sounds really tasty... but is even better as an expletive. Something Perry White might utter.

Proof that we've been working too hard, yet eating well - we're too tired for ice cream! We have 2 gallons in the fridge that have been untouched since at least Monday.

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