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9385 - Sunday

Off to a slow-pokey start today - I think we got out the door at something like noonish. BHK and I went on a little journey to St. Michael's, primarily to hit the maritime museum we missed last visit.

The place is a good bit of land to walk over... thankfully, much of it is inside and nicely air-conditioned. I liked the sense of humor that a lot fo the exhibits had... some fairly off-color quotes about sailors and fishemen. I wasn't totally wowed by the place - one visit was good, but I don't think that I have any great need to return.

The Solomon's Island Museum is a lot smaller, but they have River Otters (Two- Bubbles and Squeak) on site, which is very tough to compete with.

In fact, I think that BHK and I had more fun seeing the occasional wild squirrel, duck or jackrabbit than the exhibits.

Headed home, once we were appropriately sun-baked. Sundown on the bridge. We stopped at Holly's Restaurant for a little nibble that turned into a massive pile of food. I'd say the big win there was the cream of crab soup... french fries were a little soggy, and were the weak link.

Pictures from the trip - at flickr - for st. peter's church and bunnies and duckies and cute little squirrels eating pine cones and sunsets and bhk trapped in a sailboat thingie and my head being pinched by a crab claw and the ATW man looking all scary.

Picture 102. Picture 101. Picture 100. Picture 099. Picture 098.
ATW man with and without flash, and sunset on the bridge

Picture 097. Picture 096. Picture 094. Picture 093. Picture 092.
More sunset, and St. Peter's Church (and Graveyard)

Picture 091. Picture 090. Picture 089. Picture 088. Picture 087.
It's really well maintained... for being hundreds of years old,
Picture 086. Picture 085. Picture 084. Picture 083. Picture 082.
It could've been built yesterday.

Picture 081. Picture 080. Picture 079. Picture 078. Picture 077.
Graveyard, and BHK horsing around with a dalek-looking port aide.

Picture 074. Picture 073. Picture 072. Picture 071. Picture 070.
Black eyed susans and count chocoula's house

Picture 069. Picture 068. Picture 067. Picture 066. Picture 065.
Bunny at Count Chocula's.

Picture 064. Picture 063. Picture 062. Picture 061. Picture 060.
brick compass rose, and BHK is crabby

Picture 059. Picture 058. Picture 057. Picture 056. Picture 055.
I'm crabby and ducks at the crab claw restaurant

Picture 054. Picture 053. Picture 052. Picture 051. Picture 049.
Bunnies! And Squirrel with a pine cone snack!

Picture 048. Picture 047. Picture 046. Picture 045. Picture 044.
More Squirrel!

Picture 043. Picture 042. Picture 041. Picture 040. Picture 039.
BHK is unimpressed by the mannikins here

Picture 038. Picture 037. Picture 032. Picture 031. Picture 030.
Boat dock area warehouse... fun to meander inside.

Picture 029. Picture 028. Picture 026. Picture 025. Picture 024.
Pretty "hair grass" and birdfeeder... plus some dang scary mannikins.
BHK was fairly creeped out, and I can understand why.

Picture 023. Picture 021. Picture 020. Picture 019.Picture 018
oyster hand and boats! plus, bhk as ceiling cat! (reflected in elevator roof)

. Picture 017. Picture 015. Picture 012. Picture 008.Picture 003
Picture 007. Picture 006. Picture 011. Picture 010. Picture 005.
Quite a collection of ship name plaques, and message bottles.

Picture 004. ROCK! Rock... LOBSTER!

Regarding the ram and the video card ordered yesterday - was expected to be sent out in 5-10 business days, but the vid card was already launched an in capitol heights Maryland post office by 9am Sunday morning. With any luck, it'll be in the mailbox by tomorrow! Not bad for freebie shipping!

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