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9412 - Wednesday -

Work continues to grind along.. .it's "in the thick of it" stuff, but I'm glad it's finally getting to a point where I can see positive closure points to the project ahead. Later, I'll get to implement the human contact side of things, which will be interesting. I get along well with others very well, especially for a tech-type guy.

Dinner of an awesome spicy bean soup and open-face veggie meatloaf sammiches! BHK makes the most wonderful food, both health-wise and comfort-wise.

We watched Dan In Real Life, which was pretty good... not nearly the stinker I'd heard it was. Nice to see Steve Carell outside of his normal slapstick / idiot character.

That's about it, dear journal - running on vapors, and will be off to bedski soon - leaving early for work tomorrow. G'night!

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Tags: bhk, dinner, movies, work
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