Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

day in brief - will be buffed later, perhaps

Went back to gina's cantina, this time with the in-laws in tow.

my "hair of the dog" brunch was pretty close to the 8 layer "slop bucket" I noshed on the day prior, but it had scrambled eggs and a tostada shell rather than a mound of guac. (aok by me.)

had the same table and the same waiter as yesterday. nice guy, chris thinks he looks like alan.

my layers today were... hummus, jalepenos, refried veggie beans (a lovely purple), cheese, scrambled egg, sour cream sauce of a sort, black olives.

bhk made up for my lack of guac by getting an avacado boat, filled with hummus, too. additionally, a couple of soft tacos - beef.

larry got a really good looking burger, and chris got a drunken taco salad, which had similar sauce to my drunken tacos yesterday.

finished off with sopapillas - yum.

we went to the antique store, and bhk found mr peanut salt an pepper shakers for $2, which have sold recently on ebay for $25. (however, it's likely we won't sell 'em. Mr. peanut is a cool cat.)

got some other toys - wimpy and bluto, mac tonight, papa smurf and something else. I forget who. [edit: Foghorn Leghorn, and Henery! - why do I have such a mental block?]

Picked up a book of hard-boiled detective stories, and BHK got a few cookbooks.

then went to the purple poppy, and what used to be sputnik (now lures.)



after - we wet to sam's and picked up some essentials (cheesy poofs and garden burger) - but they didn't have a wireless cable router... or decent clothes bleach!

Sams... you let us down. fortunately, your muffins make up for it.

we went home, watched a little tv - primeval and iron chef cooking "offal".

gnite for now dear journal... picturs and a broadened post may follow, if I get time.
Tags: bhk, chris, gina's cantina, goodies, larry, walkabout
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