Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Well, April is gone.

Well, April is gone. 5 hours toward Utah at this writing. A good thing for her I think, and for me too. I’m feeling some separation anxiety, which surprises me, I guess any change in habit is disconcerting. I hope I can maintain communication with her, but I’m guessing that she won’t make the effort. We’ll see, maybe she’ll write or call. I’ll keep my ’3 shots then skip’ rule.

Having privacy again is weird. I keep expecting someone to come home, or be late or something. But I’m alone with Newt now. Oh! That Reminds me, I need to set up the Newtcam again, now that I’m not stepping on anyone’s private toes.

Where has mootpoint gone off too? I miss him. A good guy.

Suzy goes on her cruise starting next weekend. Hm. Just as well, I’d probably rebound at her with great velocity if she was around. I don’t want that.

Danny is back at School teaching again… he’s going to be quite busy.

Little Brother and I will get together, and I look forward to seeing Robby, and Dave, and Cathi, too.

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Tags: april, danny, family, gaming, lj, newton, uncategorized

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