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Welcome back my friends….

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to the show that never ends.

Can I get a Good Morning?

Alleleu! The sun is shining, the cat is playing, the A/C is running, and I am ready for a new day.

Why such a good mood, heck, I don’t know. I’m not going to question it today.

Song running through my head this morning – more muppet stuff… those guys are permanently lodged in my skull, it seems.

If I Were

Kermit – “If I were…”

If I were a poet,
I would write a sonnet.
It would say “I love you.”
Your name would be upon it.
If I were a farmer,
I’d give you a bunny.
If I had a beehive,
You would get free honey.
Fa la la (many times)

If I were a baker,
You could have a cruller
If I were a painter,
Choose your favorite color.
If I had some diamonds,
I’d give you a few,
Anything to show you
How much I love you.
Fa la la, etc.

Did you guess my secret?
I am not a poet.
Couldn’t write a sonnet,
And I think you know it.
I am not a farmer,
Can’t give you a bunny.
I don’t have a beehive,
Sorry ’bout the honey.
Fa la la, etc.

I am not a baker,
Don’t know bread from batter.
And I am not a painter,
And it doesn’t matter.
I don’t need a present,
All I have to do
Is look at you to show you
How much I love you.
Fa la la, etc.

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