Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,


Roku box and the plex app is doing superior streaming on my network. The association of file names and actual files is a bit odd, but it does ok overall. I wrote a python script and it does a fair job of compiling and connecting to a few outside databases for better metadata. I’ve submitted it to them, maybe it’ll help in future updates.

I can stream Cbs and hulu web series too. Also, crunchyroll has only one commercial at the start of a show rather than several interruptions in hulu.

In related news, I like the young justice series quite a bit. Red dwarf x, on the other hand is x-tra crap.

Cold today. Snow powder is keeping kids from school, but Allison had to head to work. I made nachos for supper tonight… we had plenty so we’re covered for lunch tomorrow. (Allison’s last day before her vacation time!) We get to spend a little span together for my birthday.


Groundhog day, Natch.

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