Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Livetweeting die hard during the marathon

Wed, 12:14: Argyle! #diehard
Wed, 12:23: Huey Lewis terrorist! #diehard
Wed, 12:26: Bad German grammar #diehard
Wed, 12:44: Now I have a machine gun hohoho! #diehard
Wed, 12:49: Twinkies #diehard
Wed, 12:58: Who’s Irving this car, Stevie wonder? #diehard
Wed, 13:02: Jerky reporter appears #diehard
Wed, 13:05: Ykymf #diehard
Wed, 13:17: Send in the car #diehard
Wed, 13:25: Hans, bubble I’m your white knight! #diehard
Wed, 13:35: Johnson and Johnson arrive #diehard
Wed, 13:36: Hans American accent #diehard
Wed, 13:45: Lapd shoots a civilian #diehard more realistic than previously thought
Wed, 14:04: Argyle rams ambulance and clocks theo #diehard
Wed, 14:06: Happy trails Hans #diehard
Wed, 14:34: Diehard2 starts

Thoughts on diehard 2 -


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