Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Good grief.

I need to start setting my alarm clock. My internal clock is too easily 'snoozed' by falling rain.

Both Newt & my gal are sick... Newt from his vaccinations, I imagine, and my love seems to be getting a yucky bug. My poor little babies... I wish that there was something I could do for them to make 'em feel better... Lots of love is all I've got to give.

Ah well, I reckon I'd better get ready for work. (I suspect another pointless 5 hours of meetings. *twisted tummy... I just want to do my job in peace, maybe chat online as I do it... is that so wrong?)

I wonder if working for new digital reported pays anything... going to look into that today.

but first, stupid news link of the morning -

Hanssen may have revealed tunnel under embassy

The U.S. government built a secret tunnel under the Soviet Embassy in Washington, a former intelligence official confirmed to NBC News -- and its existence may have been betrayed by former FBI agent Robert Philip Hanssen, accused of spying for Moscow.

...Well, if they didn't know, they do now. :)


"That's why I went to Harlem, because I think I am the first black president,'' Clinton responded

That's a surprise to me...

Well, off to do the 3 S's, and get the day out of the way.

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