Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

a beautiful spring day – evil dead, Steve Jacoby, and the library.

Gut-level stressful start this morning opened up to a pretty day. Flowers blooming, weather clear and wide open.

Of course I spent an hour and a half of this lovely day in a darkened movie theater watching the Evil Dead remake. For what it was (bloody supernatural horror), it was pretty good. I was a little distracted by two of the leads being from tv shows on regular queue – Cult and Suburgatory. Many nods to the original Evil Dead as straight gory horror, no self parody or humor like evil dead 2 or army of darkness.

I still remember skipping school my sophomore year to see the original with Gerald Wheeler, his brother Butch, Brent Ashland and Steve Jacoby. That would be 84 or 85, I guess. Maybe earlier than that… I seem to recall it as one of the first visits to Brent’s house… maybe as early as 83? Either way, it was a great time and we had a hoot mocking the play-doh special effects and pure abuse that Ash went through. Funny that we didn’t do any other truant things like drinking or smoking; skipping was more than enough. We were still boy scouts in that regard, though I suspect Mr pierce ( our scoutmaster) would’ve frowned on truancy, too. I’d say Steve was the most scouty of us all.

Later on in my high school career, while working at the bbcl, Jane had a corner standee poster for evil dead 2 (and lair of the white worm) which led to many a rousing conversation about the film and one or two “groovy baby” comments. A shame about Jane, I really l liked her a lot. She passed away from cancer at a very early age. She was also fond of the doom patrol, particularly their Jane.

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