Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,


11:05 am

I’m always a little beat after visiting the doctor… Stress and stretch checks to see how far I’ve come. I need to make sure Liberty doesn’t hose me, and that a backup plan is in place.

2:36 pm

prop2′s husband is in the clink… Was AWOL last night, and her family isn’t posting bond for one reason or another.

5:23 pm

a lot of curiosity in my mind… Bro, coworkers, the future… I’m able to keep a positive mindset so far, fortunately. I see good things on the horizon.

5:39 pm

revised 55 is slower on the return trip – note focus on following day’s objectives and maybe do time sheet then.

6:00 pm

Just got in and had the following info bits added

  • Bro – Monday moving to the new place, court went ok, I’ll have a chance to spend some more time with him this weekend.
  • one of the apartments in this building is for rent. I hope it’s Frankie moving on to other things.
  • Cathi’s dad got a tracheotomy / will have a voice box put in, hopefully they caught all of his throat cancer.
  • I dropped and broke a plate. Newt didn’t like being sealed in the bathroom as I cleaned up. Not one little bit.

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Tags: drama, hippies, palm update, uncategorized, work
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