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Friday – prior and coming events.

Allison and I took Bryce and Will out to Ledo’s for pizza supper last night. Their grandfather (and main paternal guardian) went into the hospital Thursday night – fell down some cement stairs and banged his head and arm, was in ICU for a bit but as of this writing, he is fine and mending at the hospital post surgery. Boys were rowdy and happy to be out – typical 16 aqnd 14 year old fellows. Allison and I both got a kick out of them, too. Pineapple, green pepper and onion pizza for WIll, Cheese for Bryce – I took from both sides, but there were plenty of leftovers to send ‘em home for later. Allison had a turkey sammich.


Today is International Tuba Day! I’m happy to have been a tuba, sousaphone, euphonium and baritone player at varying times in my life. Last time I played was in the 90s, but I may be thrust back into it come Tuba Christmas 2013.


 Free Comic Book Day tomorrow – We’ll visit our favorite store -  Third Eye Comics. I hope to pick up the following but I am a little fearful of the likely crush crowd of people:

  • Atomic Robo – Red 5 Comics
  • Kellerman/L’Amour – Bantam
  • Molly Danger – Action Lab (I think Allison will like this a lot)
  • Mouse Guard/Rust – Archaia
  • Scratch 9 – Hermes Press
  • The Strangers – Oni Press
  • The Tick – NEC
  • World of Archie Digest – Archie (I think Allison will dig this one too)


Sheep and Wool festival this weekend, too – I expect we’ll hit that Saturday, Sunday or both. Hopefully at least Sunday, as Claymonster Pottery will be there, as will all manner of fiber arts goodies for Allison.


I’m also hitting FOSE later this month. I hope to pick up some new skills, and maybe network with people a bit.



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