Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Ides of May, fose day 2

Took Shaun along, went to a few security and app classes as well as hitting the expo floor. It was good to see CodeRed was still doing nicely, and that David digiacomo is now president.


Lots of nifty tech developments to see, from security cameras,bomb sensing and defusing drones, super hollow point ammo, auto detection ID devices and automated machine gun nests to stand up tricycles for  beat cops. Knife fighting and k9 made for some trade show niftiness on the govsec side of the trade floor. On “my side” we had more Korean vendors, cloud systems,tiny low power consumption computers,  contractor training booths, Lexis nexis reference, swag bags and pens then you could point a stick at. Allison now has plenty of post-its and pens to keep her in like Flynn for a year.



The days of the booth babe are officially over, thank goodness. Nice to be able to get more than cursory info from folk, and not have to deal with goggle eyed dudes mobbing a region just because it has a hottie parked there.


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