Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Fose 3

We bugged out early as govsec was done for the day, The keynote speaker did well, but at about noon, we figured the time had come to go, so we wandered to Chinatown for a light lunch of a tasty beer and some nibbled off the cheese board at RFD.


We then stopped for a bit at the Goethe Institute, then headed to Labyrinth games to look for a treat to pick up for the game shelf, and for Shaun to get his order of assorted games and supplements filled.

I ultimately bought Allison and myself Smash Up and the add on Awesome Level 9000, after playing with Kat (the owner of labyrinth) and Shaun. Her Wizards/robots beat out his fairies/ninjas and my dinosaurs/pirates. Later this evening, His Zombie/Cyberpunk beat my killer plants/beat cavalry and Allison’s Martians/ghosts.


Prior to connecting with Allison, we rode the metro to new Carrollton after a brief mix up with the Orange line during rush hour. After we made it there, Allison ultimately took us all to Crofton’s Lemongrass, where we feasted like kings.
image image

The green curry was a bit spicy, but it was all delicious.

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