Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,


Finished spaced. Surprised we didn’t watch it sooner…. it’s great. Lots of lead ins to the other Edgar Wright pegg/ frost stuff.  Looking forward to world’s end even more now.

Another dump trip today, I saw a culture with at least a 7, possibly 9 foot wingspan bopping around. Smell was as you’d expect at the dump on a hot July day. Disposed of old scrap wood and investigated slate for a deck area out back at the local garden shop.

Picked up some groceries and made us freezer pizza for dinner… first red baron I’ve had in ages. I miss the old mini pizza pucks with Jeb and company during our dudes movie night “fart parties”

Talked with mom for about 90 min this morning…. tenant having some issues but all is well, I think.

So, talked on the phone for hours with wife, mom, Larry today, sent texts with more than a couple people, communicated in person with the in-laws and society in general. Went shopping at giant, Wal-Mart, etc, and now I’m thoroughly exhausted.


Socializing is hard indeed, dear journal.

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