Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Media and the people it brings to mind

Random but in alpha order

Allison – this will be our year, dandelion wine and everything, really.

April Taylor – Final Destination,  Korn, Powerpuff Girls, Punk Miscellany

Brent Ashland – Star Trek TNG, Death in June

Brett Kramer – Atari computers, 16 – bit piracy, Amiga

Cathi Bohl – phish, Corel suites, playing Santa

Chad Miller – the leather nuns, halls of classroom

Danny Carlson – Red Dwarf, Baker era Dr Who, Moody Blues

Dave Bohl – mushrooms negative, grateful dead, Mage knight

James Dawsey – Tron, Champions RPG, condorman, sunken living rooms

Kathleen Colina – It Takes A Thief, Concrete Blonde, Chekhov going Arrrghhh, ren & stumpy, YIELD!

Kevin Albury – Yes, Phil Collins, Super Friends, Johnny Quest, fart parties, classic trek, Atari 8 bit

Kevin Cummins – the pogues, girls drawing on the windows with lip stick, burnt chicken sadism grille

Pam Morrell – Buckaroo Bonzai, Howard the duck, Zardoz, doctor doctor hilarity

Robin Tunkel – shadowrun, magic the gathering alpha, IBM, bbs games

Rachel Gracie – Dark City, Bananarama’s Venus, barnies coffee

Ray Colina – Genesis w Peter Gabriel, The Prisoner, npc wizards, gorilla girl

Richard Landis – Black Adder, They Might Be Giants, flat tires, friendly robots

Steve Jacoby – Fritz lieber and Robert E Howard, D&D miscellany, po’ folks country fried steak

Tomi Antilla – Elvis Presely, corvettes

Whitney – the doors, black light posters

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