Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Extra life 2013

Sat, 08:00 it begins with candy crush, zookeeper vs on kindle

Sat 10:30: time for Lego Marvel super heroes

Sat, 15:59: RT @WillJPowers: Shit, Extra Life servers were hit by a DDOS attack.

Sat, 15:59: RT @WillJPowers: What’s the motivation to attack a charity site? I really don’t understand

Sat, 22:14: I received a $100.00 donation supporting Extra Life! http://t.co/RD30paGdoa

Sun, 00:01: Time for red dead redemption. Just finished some night at the inventory 2 and gtav online

Sun, 05:43: Exit red dead. One hand of inventory and back to kindle games for my brain I s pudding

Sun, 07:45: Ending with plague inc. Gnight in 15 min

Red dead redemption is still great. MARVEL Lego is fun but the freezes are distressing. I’m sure they’ll be patched soon. Serves me right for playing first week.


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