Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Merry Merry

Got lots of good loot, vibes and feed today.

Kindle fire hdx, some lovely digital goodies like the smallworld app and books on hacking, moonshine runners and arduino code.

I additionally obtained a ton of candy and nuts (uh oh), a nifty analog book on the future of the digital world, a couple pairs of jeans and some awesomely comfy plaid shirts, a darling Phteven card,manatee tea infuser, mint tea, a bit of cash, a batman dvd, cloth pouch for misc, card from danny, an iou for the new kindle’s protective cover, a year more xm radio for the element, a nice set of flannel sheets, a port wine cheese ball, bugles and a computer magazine.

I also got my beloved “white walker” scarf with blue gray and white stripes about a week early.

I think Allison liked the teardrop earrings I got her at Gypsy Palooza and the cardinal pin from Macy’s the most from me. (And the haiku purse from her folks)</p>

Larry’s favorite seemed to be the the guitar magazines, and Chris looked like she really dug the regifted popsugar crystal bracelet.


Pye and Newton dug the squeaky mouse and catnip crinkle ring too, though Pyewacket really preferred the tissue over all.

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