Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Sick today. Not just a man cold


Or if it is a man cold, I’m a huge sissybear.

It feels like I’m burning off the worst of whatever creeping crud that is filling my lungs and throat. My body is running very hot and cold.

I envision my body being cooked from within and then thrown on ice to give extra chills.

Serious joint aches and dry mouth. Headache and sore throat / muscle pain from a hacking cough. A bit nauseated and quite weary. Can’t sleep but feel exhausted and radiating waves of heat. Eyes very chafed and rhumey. Nose blocked enough to make it tough to use the cpap.

Illness started a bit on Monday or so, and flu symptoms great as the day went on yesterday.  I’m hoping the worst will be over soon and the niggling cough will only linger for the shortest time.

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Tags: health
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