Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Rough start


Me in 4 shades of foul

Day began ok, late morning and afternoon.oon poorly but grew better after  about one or so.

Newton seems to be doing better and Ami did a great job on Allison’s hair. Trip to the doctor was fairly positive as well.

Supper at Philly Flash was good, especially after shopping for groceries while hungry.

Looking at photos of myself from a year ago, and I can see the difference in weight. I can feel it, too. Positive feedback helps.


Allison, Amy S and I have been playing a lot of small world online (app based on the board game) on the kindle and iPad… if anyone stumbling across this missive cares to do so, my username there is scottobear, and I happily play with just about anyone. Same goes for ticket to ride.


I continue to wish for more snow. Maybe this weekend?

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