Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Tuesday summary in sentence fragments

Back tweaking more than a small bit – I suspect the weather is primarily to blame. Snowed last night, was in mid 60′s today, back to the 30s tonight.
Via neighbors instagram. Snow folks up the road.

Got a long overdue haircut today.
Obligatory mugshot pose. Scott at 45.

Saw a barred owl this afternoon, on the way home from the post office. Beautiful, only for a moment. Bigger than I would have thought.

Knitting circle with Nancy at Cox Art center, though only a bit of actual knitting got done. Pleasant chatting with her and Sally along with Allison, of course. Allison finished blocking her mom’s birthday shawl. Looks a bit like batman logo tacked up.
image Orange and purple socks started are looking good. She’s a superb knitter.

Supper at Mexico was delicious, as usual. Watched a bit of shameless (UK version) before bed… show hits a lot of buttons.

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