Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Tuesday experiment.

Testing the dictation service on my Kindle. I’m not sure what I want to do exactly with this but I do know that I want to get back into journaling more.

So far so good… I’m fairly impressed.

About the only things that had to change so far are the fact that I have to add more reasonable punctuation to make it look more like my normal form of writing.

It seems to not know the difference between me saying the word. And then putting the. At the end of a sentence.

Curiously it doesn’t know what an interrobang is (Enterra banguz) but does know ! And?

Somehow it feels bit like cheating to talk to my typing device rather than to key it in directly. I know that’s probably not really being bad per se but it takes away some of the forethought involved in pressing on letters. Manual corrections have been minor but it does add a proofreading level to some of my free-throw throughts from prior and stumbling over my own words can also create some unusual results.

Stuttering is not recommended when dictating text.

I also can’t I also can’t listen to an audiobook or particularly loud music with lyrics while doing this of course. I suppose that if I have headphones and I could get away with that. See that at the beginning of the paragraph? I didn’t even realize I had repeated myself.

This reminds a little bit of the old days of LiveJournal when you would do a live audio post and then have it auto converted into text and link it along with an MP3 file of what you said . In this case however it seems that the audio is forever lost though the translation is much better.

I think that I could probably even just ramble on into the microphone while doing chores around the house and let it just take what I have to say and be done with it. I am curious to see what I would babble about to myself while doing laundry or no changing the litter box. I suspect there’ll be a whole lot of “Hey Newton” and “Excuse (skews) me, Pyewacket” taking place while I went about my business.

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