Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Dream edit

Dreamt I was in some 80s movie of getting ready for a first date with a weird mix of Allison, ex April, and Mary Winstead. No sex or anything, just some nearly sitcom-like prep montage of generic semi-faceless friends or roommates helping me to montage an outfit together.

It was odd. I distinctly remember that I went from a color change t-shirt to a kind of blue blazer / khakis casual outfit and she had a green and blue striped dress, and Heidi crown braided hair. Everyone was smiling and seemed genuinely cheerful and enthusiastic. I think we were in Kevin Cummins’ old land yacht that we took on the road trip to FSU .

“And we danced” by hooters played as we went to some coffee house in the daylight hours. I think it was the place in fort Lauderdale that was also a used bookstore by the pet shop, chiropractor, and that dopey gift shop near the mall.

Come to think of it, it might not have been me. Everyone seemed about my height, not shorter as is my normal perspective.

If only this happened next…


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