Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Wednesday – 12/03/2014

Notes -

Bake sale / Cookie Judging today (I’m not a Judge, but Phil made himself a placard that reads “Judge Dredd”) Pretty awesome.

Indian Food with the gang for lunch?

Access to FTP? Reflection Permissions – Copied Config file, swapped names but access still waiting on admin

5-HELP – Desktop settings for H:, printers, networking seem to get thrown – possibly due (at least in part) to the space in my last name. Quotes fixed it in my little script.

net use H: “\\LOCATION\Gregory.von Berg.Ctr”

That darn space has caused more issues, data-wise than the lower case v, or going by my middle name for the most part. I don’t know how many people still think my name is just von, just Berg, or make me vanish because of bad look-up routines either human or automated.

I can only imagine what transitioning folks must deal with info-wise regarding identity and gender just with security and paperwork.


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