Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Thursday the 4th. 20 days to Xmas. 27 to New Year’s. 49 to my breathday.

At long last I have my final authorization to code on the release servers. I know that I’m happy to be able to really do for what I was hired – I’d wager that Paul and Dennis are also delighted.

Less than three weeks until Christmas, now. That means Allison has vacation time coming and that Amy will be here soon!

I’ve got to remember to place an order for Larry’s gift. I don’t want it to be late. elf is a cotton headed ninny muggins

Traffic was thick on the bus ride home, standing room only, likely due to the Christmas tree lighting. I didn’t see any protesters, just a lot of tail lights in front of the bus. I did get to sit once we made it to the equestrian center – low grade first world problem. I’m thankful I didn’t have to wait in bad weather, or worse, inconvenience the family to come get me.

Heading to Philly Flash to hang with the in-laws for supper. I’m so zonked out, I could just go to bed now… but I’m for a nice load of grilled veggies smothered in cheese on a bun before hitting the hay.

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