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I’m just a Poe boy…

A letter sent to Allison -

I don’t know why I did not think to email you earlier about this event!  Westminster is celebrating Poe’s birthday with an event called “Behind the Mustache: The Lives of Vincent Price and Edgar Allan Poe” with John Astin and Victoria Price, daughter of Vincent.

 Was wondering if you and Scott would be interested in volunteering – you both would be inside the Hall.  The program is scheduled to begin at 4:00pm with the doors opening at 3:00pm.  Here is the website: www.law.umaryland.edu/Poe

Sure, I’d dig doing more Poe work! Plus, backstage stuff is always fun at Westminster. .. It’s already sold out, too!

The program will feature John Astin presenting a selection of Poe’s most famous poems and excerpts of his well-known tales of horror, along with commentary about Poe’s life and works. Victoria Price will offer a behind-the-scenes look at Vincent Price as she shares personal anecdotes about growing up with her famous father. She will be selling & signing her book,Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography.

The evening will culminate with a Toast to Poe. Other attractions include an exhibit of rare Poe memorabilia (lock of Poe’s hair, piece of Poe’s coffin, and more).

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