Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,


Creaky start to the day today. Shin that was kicked a couple of days ago is still quite tender, back aches due to the cold, tendinitis in my left elbow, a sore neck, headache, and a little bit grumpy.

A collection of Google street view images reveals the world is full of surreal horror: http://9-eyes.com/ 

Found out this morning that I pinged a coworker’s gaydar. He was surprised to hear that I’m CIS male, as well as a CIS guy. I laughed and mentioned that I lived in South Florida for 20-some years. That’ll set off false positives all day long – I’ve been referred to as “erudite” regarding some gender politics in the past.

Mexico date night with Allison!
Inspired by her guacamole craving and this picture.

Om nom.

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