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humpNewton has been a little sneezy. I’m hoping it’s just the weather and air quality in general – taking him to the vet for a checkup.

I’m not sure why this week has been rolling so slowly. There seems to be a lot of drag on my system overall.

Topics of conversation with SW on the way to work -

Our lack of knowledge about many aspects of mental health and social work.

Ineffectiveness of Health Care, Education, and Prison systems. (and mutual agreement that we don’t know the solution to those problems)

Our best solution was to look at existing systems, and see what, if anything, works better. Making hospitals and prisons for profit seems to be a big error. Coming up with a valid punishment and rehabilitation method seems to be beyond our ken.

Other discussions in the car have bounced around (in varying degrees of knowledge and in no particular order):

Those are the ones off the top of my head. It’s a good portion of why I don’t mind carpooling with him, rather than sleeping on the bus… or worse, waiting for the bus in the rain -


Lunch with the crew at Agua 301. Not bad… probably one of the better places in the region for eats so far. Not as good as Plaza Mexico, but it’ll do in a pinch. The yucca fries were especially fine, and the veggie enchiladas pretty good – though the cotija cheese was undetectable, if it was there at all.

All told, Harris Teeter or the food trucks are my preferred go-to for lunch in this zone so far.

Random moment of curmudgeonry -

 “History is the sum total of the things that could have been avoided.”

Konrad Adenauer

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