Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Snow day.

Teleworked today… note to self, get a USB hub. ID card reader, keyboard, mouse, etc may work better that way.

Talked a little bit with DigitalEulogy - May be playing Far Cry 4 and more with him and Rachel sometime soon. Dragon Age Multiplayer? Either way, we’re both hoping for Fallout 4 soon. He may be another recruit for Extra Life. Speaking of which, MrGlasco gave me my first donation for Extra Life 2015! Cheers!


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Smile, For Life is Good
via – Jonathan Haeber

Smile, For Life is Good

The semi-abandoned workshops at Creative Engineering in Orlando, Florida teem with the artistic and technological ambitions of the post-industrial generation. Aaron Fechter, who remains as steward of his studios, continues to offer tours of his workshops. The masks are frozen in the early 90s. Animatronics in various states of decay (some unboxed) are stored in the facility. Aaron, a genius inventor and mad scientist to some, still has ambitions for clean, limitless, renewable energy. In any case, his hydrillium hamburgers are the best on the East (or West!) side of the Mississippi. Rock Afire Explosion may be dead as a business, but the dream lives on at Creative Engineering, Inc.

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