Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,


Everyone was back to work after quite a few snow days last week. Most folk opted for teleworking – tomorrow this place will be a full house, given that many folks default to teleworking Monday, anyhow.

Spent a little while cleaning the office – looking better. I think one more little touch up and I’ll be set.

Swung by the local gallery, and picked up my Major Award™ ( A lovely photo of a dragonfly by Selena Daughtrey-Anderson ) and got Allison some earrings designed by Lisa Tettimer.  We also admired the art of Jen Poteet (see below for an awesome notecard)

Bounced by the candy store, too… got some sponge before the weather forbids getting more.

From this morning’s commute discussion -

Just realized I left my keys either at work or at home this morning. I hope that they’re at home when I get there.






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Tags: weather, work
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