Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

April 1.

It was starting to look more springy! Allison and I spotted a few lovely robins in our back yard… One quite chubby, the other getting there. Sorry, worms! Well, it was nice outside… now it’s cold and rainy again. aprilfooljoker Ah well, it’ will be warm and dry soon enough.

Car discussion was about Batman (can you tell, dear journal?) and amputees, Boxing Helena was the connection, because somehow I confused Sherilyn Fenn for Debi Mazar. Apologies to them both.  Reflecting back, there was a movie that we hadn’t seen in a while – Top Secret! (might be the movie we watch, rather than Repo Man) I prefer Val Kilmer in Willow or a spy spoof over his version the Bat. I mean, a sandy-haired Bruce Wayne? Bleh. Also human body’s center of gravity, wrestling, boxing, soccer, tee-ball and other sports.

Back and leg are a little bit better, but I’m looking forward to my trip to the doc in a few weeks.



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