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Throwback thursday.

Found a few digital images that I thought were lost forever. Before I discovered Flickr, I used a few different resources to remotely host pictures to my LiveJournal. Printroom.com was one of them, but it disappeared rather suddenly, along with remote links to the photos. Archive.org wasn’t as helpful back then so I assumed anything I didn’t have elsewhere was lost. However, while perusing my blog here I ran a link check and discovered it was back, albeit in a different format. A quick login after I inexplicably recalled a long-abandoned password got me access to a few items from January-April of 2002.

So, I’ll slowly upload them up to my server for future review. Most are photos of Newton (of course), my walkabouts in Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach, Florida.

Below is from the day after my 33rd birthday – Feb 3, 2002. (Blog entry here) Probably the best day out with my brother, ever.  He and I roamed around downtown fort Lauderdale, and it was Superbowl Sunday (XXXVI – Patriots first win) Since neither bro or I were terribly interested in the game, we went to the local art museum instead of going to see a movie because the museum was free to visit.  (It was the Museum Fart where I went with Danny oh so long ago. Apparently now, it’s the NSU Art Museum ) So much for future fart gags.


Bro and me as Bluntman and Chronic


Bro waiting at the station for the route 55 – we just got though an altercation with a homeless guy begging for money. Derek had never seen me verbally explode at someone before – the guy started to tell me off when I honestly had no money to give and I flipped out.


the stars and stripes! I love me some airships.

After seeing the thumbprint portrait (it’s about 4-feet square) we just cracked each other up creating scenarios of what the artist must’ve been like… They may be a perfectly normal, vanilla person, but we had him (maybe really a female, but we had it in our head as a he) dressed in nothing but a leather apron and goggles, speaking with a stereotypical German mad scientist accent bragging about how they’d never catch him because each thumbprint was from the hands of a different victim… and he had another portrait made from nose prints and a third from nipples.

thumbprintportrait thumbprintdetail

Also in that locked archive were these things – there was a project back in the day (approximately March 2002 -July 2002 -13 years ago as of this writing) called Poemtag. Sadly, the robots.txt blocked archive.org from scraping it before it was lost.

To the best of my recollection the gist was a sort of modern-day haiku, putting on a nametag-sized sticker a short bit of poetry.

Maybe a baker’s dozen years is long enough to bring it back. Here are the ones I had written or put in storage because they somehow caught my fancy at the time. Before the poems, I’ll put a blank here, maybe it’ll entice someone to make one (or more?) of their own.

blank_poemtag dukepoem hoopoemtag jeannepoem jessica_poemtag maggiepoem mypoemtag poem poem17 poemtag (2) poemtag (3) poemtag (4) poemtag (5) poemtag poemtag_blind poemtag2 (2) poemtag2 (3) poemtag2 poemtagbirdssmall poemtag-bright poemtagpismall poemtagx sbpoemtag sbpoemtag2 sticker



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