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SM & I – Easter with inlaws, prickly pear and DM (all kids), yesterday’s movies (of the collection, Despicable Me was my preferred), murder cults / heaven’s gate.

I wonder how many parallel universe versions of me are already dead?

Had a laid back weekend with the in-laws and Allison, but I was in a lot of pain. It was difficult to get around, climb stairs, etc. We just hung out, at chocolate and sandwiches and watched movies or TV all weekend. Watched Salem, way too many youtube videos about sand cats (very cute) and water bears (not cute).

I found out the HVAC is out at the house – grinding noises made it look like it was needing a total fix…

So, we’re going to have to replace it?

Later – it’s working again? I guess it’s a ticking time bomb now. Not going to replace it just yet…

Sometimes… you just can’t get rid of a bomb.

It’s the suspense that gets you.

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