Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

four-twenty, duuuude. A decade and a half…

Today - First official day at my gig, no longer a subcontractor…. now just a contractor.

My 3 favorite critters (Allison, Pye and Newt)

Back is creaky, but not as bad as it was last week.

Weekend recap.


1 year ago – easter with the cummings

2 years ago – day in bullet point scraps and comic book pix.

3 years ago – estate sale, shelf prep, typos

4 years ago – deleted picture of a busker juggling

5 years ago – newt and pye looking for birds

6 years ago – atw man, salsaritas, back

7 years ago – tigger pic, fab brew closed

8 years ago - pye & newt in a sunbeam pic, tiki bar, 420, metallurgy, movies, D&D mags cease, McKennitt tickets

9 years ago - re:grammy, getting warmer, ad-levels in lj, sesame street, greedy greedy, politics, Alzheimer’s

10 years ago - there.com still the same, random objects, little red munkee, swat monkey picture, steadfastness, bad breath, Lunsford bill passes, Detective won’t stop seeking justice

11 years ago - big brain better, no dice with GP, goof gallery of life, Man eats own toes, online commerce

12 years ago - 420 Easter, evil thought

13 years ago - palm update, bro being good, cats & dogs, Phantom patriot, little red munkee expands

14 years ago - Tired, Cheese crackers, warm fuzzies

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