Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

throwback thursday – assorted newton and fla pix, jan-apr 2002

hodge-podge misc folder, mostly newton and me at the old place in pompano – no-nose’s joint.

blimpie footstalker groves

mole32 newtbox newtbox2 newtdrink newtface newtP2140212 newtup P2140213 P2230292Newtsurfing22102 P2230322 P2240323 P2240327 P2240332 P3030378scotto-newtsonnze P3030380 P3120385 P4020556 P4020557 P4020559 P4060572 P4060574 P4060576 sleepynewt2002 sphinxnewt sphinxnewt2 yawn20050404

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Tags: #2002, #tbt, archives, blimp, florida, gallery, newton, no-nose, pompano, uncategorized

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