Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Yesterday –

BHK calls me on the phone from work.

“Is your internet down?”

Apparently in her office, there was no internet access. This caused her techno-illiterate coworkers to panic. Cell phone service doesn’t funchtion well in the building either, so the cave-people panicked.

I did a quick check, and yes, of course, my cell service and internet were working fine. (I did a quick search for fashionable monkey to ease BHK’s mind that I wasn’t viewing a cache.)

I was feeling rather cruel – told her to let them sweat for a bit, but she mentioned that one of them started making crazy “this is how it started with 9/11″ comments, I thought better of it.


It *did* surprise me that nobody thought to go to the parking lot to test cell-phone reception.

I pity my poor sweetheart working with such ignorant, fearful people.


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