Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Friday items.

Car conversation this morning -

  • TV -
    • Kimmy Schmidt
    • Mr. Robot
  • Tech -
    • Raspberry Pi (see also Mr. Robot, above)
  • Navy Yard Station
  • Serious Fumes / Smoke again.  My eyes were burning and throat a bit raw as soon as I arrived. I don’ t know why that’s an ongoing issue. Poor Ventilation, perhaps?
  • Also again, no sign of an attendant on the Navy Yard side of that stop. Nobody to report to if there’s a health issue, can’t get through the turnstile, someone needs a cop, whatever. Were I a budding thug-like criminal, I know where I’d lurk. I hope the ballpark side is better.

It’s amasing to me how many folks have trouble comprehending that liking and wanting are two different things.  I like Zombie movies, wouldn’t want to live (however briefly) in one. Kids are cool, but I don’t want to be a daddy.

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