Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

netstumbling in downtown DC.

Discovered at least 5 (possibly 2-3 broadcasting different SSIDs from the same box ) access points near the office.  Strongest source was here.  If I wasn’t due to park in my seat and get to work, I’d have investigated more closely. I suspect they’re hidden in either the bottom of a bench, a cigarette drop or in one of the valve access pockets for the sprinkler system.

most suspect SSIDs were -

  • Samsung Galaxy S 5 2412
  • Park Bench_Guest
  • Courtyard_Guest

There were others, but I didn’t note them. I may try a return pass during my lunchtime walkies.

{edit – the “galaxy” and alternates were gone, or at least not transmitting. I’ll sniff for it at a similar time tomorrow morning. – The two “guest” items were still there, but appear to be part of the park. ]

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