Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

my brother, the ape.

Well, I got the invitation
That you sent to everyone
And I told you family picnics weren’t exactly my idea of fun
You replied that everyone but me said they were going to come
Which is how you talked me into going to the reunion

When you said everyone, you really meant it
My brother the ape My brother the ape
I received the photos you sent
And I don’t regret that I went
Or the sight of everybody stiffly posing under one tent But I don’t feel I belong and I keep wanting to escape
And I fail to see the likeness between me and my brother the ape
They all kept saying (they all kept saying)
How much we look alike (how much we look alike)
I don’t think that we look alike at all (I don’t think that we look alike at all)
But I’ll admit that I look more like a chimp
Than I look like my cousin the shrimp
Or my distant kin the lichens
Or the snowy egret or the moss
And I find it hard to recognize Some relatives of ours Like the rotifer, the sycamore
Iguanas and sea stars
My brother the ape My brother the ape
They say you don’t get (they say you don’t get)
To choose your family (to choose your family)
But there’s no other one to choose (but there’s no other one to choose)
So that’s why I’m writing this now
And you can tell my sister the cow
That I meant to thank her for the gorgonzola
And I’ll allow that I’ve been acting like a stranger
But you guys are all so strange
Though I think of what I’m like And I can see we’re all the same
So this time next year, we’ll meet at my place
My brother the ape
My brother the ape

Originally published at The Scotto Grotto. You can comment here or there.

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