Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Car topics

Nut mobile
Mr peanut selling roasted and ground to butter bodies of relatives
Enslaved peanut labor display.
Peanut butter / shelling torture of sentient nuts

Try to say
Peanut fetus 5 x fast
Wet hot American summer movie / tv
The state
Actors aging

W movie / Oliver stone
Short actors vs tall ones
Stretch cunninham ghwb
Daniel Radcliffe
Jude Law

Jurassic park / world

Stealth Trans / lying to family, friends
Doxxing – pipl.com
My secret identity tv show
O’Connell jerry Dan
Bitten tv show
Vampire reality comedy Brett flight of the Conchords
Cat from red dwarf being on paradise show
Lion hunting dentist
I prefer to think people stupid than evil. I am often wrong.
Most dangerous game
Fantasy island hunting humans
Love American style as Earworm

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